Letter to myself:

I have a good family why r u here
I am a God loving Christian what u here
My family raised me well why r u here
I have a girl friend that loves me why ru here????
Why r u still here?
Is it because u have convinced me that I need you? Because I don’t NEED you at all. I can live life the way I want to without you. For the longest time you have let me beleive that you validated me as a man but no… In truth u only weakened me. Throught God and my support group Im willing to make a stand against u that will only have one outcome …. Me as the victor. Nothing can beat Me when God is on my side. So why are u still here?!?!?

Letter from my sex addict:

I make u feel good
Sure it comes with alittle guilt but hey an eye for an eye right? U don’t actually want me gone how would u fine pleasure? In the end you would cralw back to me so why not just stay with me? Why make a fuss about it?