Letter to myself:

I am sorry that I am not sorry for letting you know that I can’t do this anymore! You are RUINING my relationship with this amazing man I am engaged to!!! Plus my life!!!! God has told me time and time again to get help!! That is what I plan on doing! I still don’t know why I ever continued this! It’ll be hard but God will be there to help me and guide me through this!!!!

Letter from my sex addict:

Are you that dumb!!! YOU do know why you continued this haha!!! You were afraid!! You wanted to feel good! PLUS you wanted your depression and anxiety to go away for a little bit! I helped you with that!! Yes you cut to but you ALWAYS came to me with your problems and helped you out the best way I could!! But hey if you want to leave me hanging fine!!!! You complained after anyways!!! You wouldn’t shut up about how it really didn’t fix anything! How you felt more worthless, hopeless, depressed and anxietal!!! That your problems were still there!!! You never actually gave me chance to help you!!! But whatever….go on with your life!! I don’t need you!! I got other businesses to attend to!!!