Letter to myself:

Dear Porn Addict,

I am done chasing you. You have stolen so much time that I will never get back. You have given me so many empty pleasures. I don’t want to be another statistic. I want to grow into the man God desires from me. To be able to lead a household and take care of my future family. And I can’t have you around ever again. I am sick and tired of the person I am. I desire to be a godly man. I know it won’t be easy but I know with God all things are possible. Goodbye Porn Addict I won’t miss you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Stephen

We have been with each other for a long time. Do you really think you can just give me up and walk away? You have failed so many time before, what makes this time different? I know you will fail and come crawling back to me and push God aside. I love making you feel worthless, dirty, guilty, and shameful. You will never get over me, ever! You are forever mine.
See you in a little while.