Letter to myself:

It’s all about time, things don’t come from overnight, you have to be patient with yourself, and the most important thing during this time: DO NOT GIVE UP.

Have you ever noticed how easy is to give up? However have you ever noticed that those who give up does not win the battle, people will no longer remember who they were. My question for you today is: Do you want to be remembered for what you have done or for what have you given up? How do you think those people that truly believed in you will react knowing that you didn’t have the strength to go on and pursue your dreams, to fight your battles, but most important, how do you think God will react? Don’t you remember that bible says that he made us more than conquerors? Is the attitude of winner give up? NO!!!

So keep fighting, you are in a battle, don’t blame yourself for the failures, but fight every day and celebrate all the good things. Don’t think too much about the things that you haven’t accomplished. Talk to God how was your day, tell him about your feelings, desires and how proud you are of yourself, let Him share with you His plans, His desires, His dreams and how proud He is of you. Let me tell you one more thing, you are not alone, you have Jesus in this battle with you, let Him help you, he has the right answer for everything.

And the most important, do not blame yourself too much, guilt will not help you overcome it. Celebrate and enjoy everyday that you get sober.

The person that cares about you.

Letter from my sex addict:

I’ll answer it quickly: NEVER!

I’ll hunt you everywhere, your school, on the streets, while you watch TV and even in the church, I’ll be there waiting you fall so that I can blame you and tell you that you are worthless, that you will never get sober.

I’ll drag you in your sins in a way that you will not be able to run away from me.

And do you wanna know more? You are with me not because I chose to hunt you, you picked me up, and when you did it for the first time you knew that this was a non return way, and if you tried to do it, it was going to be more to difficult to leave than join.

I’m not hurry, I’ll wait your moments of weakness to get you, and as always, I know you will surrender to my appeals, I’m offering you what no one else in this world can, since you’ve decide to not get married, I’m offering you pleasure.

Let me know when you get tired of getting sober, I’ll waiting for you, and if you take too much time to show up, I’ll hunt you, no matter what it takes.