What are you doing to yourself? A leader in your church, one of the biggest churches in the United States that ministers to 30,000 people on a weekly basis, a college advocate against pornography so much that you helped start an online ministry to fight porn and start conversation about addictions, a man who has told his story hundreds of times to thousands of people that God has overcome porn in your life yet you still, almost daily, watch. You havn’t told anyone your problem in years because of how scared you are of what they will think, of not getting a girlfriend, or it will disqualify you to work in the church. Brother, you are loved beyond comparison and news flash, you don’t have a full time job yet, you don’t have a girlfriend either, and nothing can disqualify you from sharing the gospel. This sex addict is not who Jesus says you are. He says you are pure, righteous, and friend. Go a sin no more.