Letter to myself:

Dear child of God,
You are worth so much more than the sin you’ve done. So much more than what’s been done to you. God knows everything that has happened to you before it ever happened and he knew what you would go through. He knew the temptations, the fears and failures. He knew the lies and sleepless nights and the endless cycle of struggle and regret. You feel dirty and powerless sometimes. But you will overcome! Your name Kaitlin, means pure. God gave you that name because that’s what you are to Him when you submit your heart. He is healing you but by bit, your value is no less than it was before you ever saw porn. And one day you will help so many people through it too. One day you will look back and say that you have never watched porn ever again, and what a victory that will be! So fight the good fight, don’t give in to guilt, and take it day by day. God is with you. I believe in you.
– Kaitlin

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear future me,
I want to be where you are. I’m tired of this dwindling, yet remaining cycle of sin. It hurts to do now, but the habit is so strong. I’m ready for a transformation. I have a goal to overcome! I’m still really doubting myself but I can fully believe that God is helping me through. I want to be a pure child of God and future wife who enjoys my husband with no other thoughts in mind. I want to be strong when I’m alone, and I want to be free from the act of watching porn and masturbating. God has so much better for me than that. My name means purity!
Let’s do this. Let’s conquer.
– Kaitlin