Letter to myself:

I was so close to becoming closer to God, but then YOU showed up! Just please leave me alone! I don’t need you to rule over my life! I don’t need you to control my actions and my thoughts! Go find someone else to pick on. Better yet, just leave! You’ve caused enough damage! You will not control me anymore! I will not listen to your words! God will defeat you! God will DESTROY you! And you can’t defeat Him! No one can ever defeat God, so you might as well give up now! You will never win! Ever!


A fighter

Letter from my sex addict:

Ha! Oh, honey. You think that you’re so tough. How cute! Well, look, honey. I ain’t leaving so just get over it. I will always control you and you will do as I say! Okay? And “God” won’t do anything. He will just watch you be destroyed! He don’t care about you. I don’t care what gets in my way. I am still gonna control you and there’s nothing you can do about it!


Your addiction