Letter to myself:

You have been apart of my life for to long. I am ready to throw in the flag and regain a moral and respectable way way life. I do not want to be tied down anymore and I want the sexual thoughts to go away. You have cost me relationships and made me feel bad about myself. You tell me I won’t I won’t find a person, and if I do? You’ll turn them away because of my addiction. You will no longer have control of my life and mind. I plan to take actions to make you not exist. You will no longer be this cloud that constantly haunts me.

Sincerely Not Yours.

Letter from my sex addict:

I have been apart of life for so long. I have seen your through several girlfriends and they seemed to like it. The next person you’ll find will be the same way. People will never find out what you do behind the door, so what does it matter? Everybody does it. You have tried to quit before, but I always come back. I get you through all the boring times and the times you think you will always be lonely. It wouldn’t be fun to give me up, would it?
I’ll be there when you need me and I don’t judge you.
I am your best companion.