Letter to myself:

long have I been subjected to you. you have controlled my thoughts, my actions, and my time. I have been afraid to truly fight you because I think that its the only way I will get pleasure. but I realise that you are more scared that it’s you that can’t live with out me. all the strength that you possess come directly from me and what I give you.

●I am scared that I will always be alone so I turn to you, the truth is that I’m alone because of you.
●I’m scared that people will regent who I am, the truth is that you made me feel that to control me/to stop me.

you have made me do terrible things. I have paid to get pictures, I have paid to watch videos, I have tried to manipulate women into sending me pictures or get a sexual favor. I have felt myself attracted to younger girls and that scares me more than any of the other things.

I will no longer be under your will because of a few simple truths.

●I have people who believe in me and love me despite you.
●I will be a better person with out you in my life.
● God knows I can do it.
●God will help me get free.
●God loves me.

my freedom will come at a cost but this is what I am willing to do to stop you.

●go to church and ask for personal prayer.
●informs my dad and a few trusted friends of what I am doing.
●I will commit an hour a day to sit in the word and communicate with god.

all of this is to be free of you to remove you from my life. I will be better and stronger with out you.


Letter from my sex addict:

let me get this straight you think you can be free of me? you have been mine since you were a child I will never let you go. I am the only love you will ever get and if you get ride of me now, know that I will follow you everyday waiting for you to slip up. and when you do I will take you back. you think I’m weak you may been right but so are you. I have been the one that got you what you really wanted all these years why do you want to give that up?

go ahead and try to get rid of me I will fight back and I will laugh in your face.