Dear Porn watcher,
For years now you have been hiding behind the façade of a good Christian man. You led everyone to believe that all was good and under control. Even your wife saw this mask. but now your time is up! Last night you were found out! yes, there is a hurt and a betrayal that followed but I know God is going to heal this! Here’s what’s going to happen:
1- I will follow the plan that my therapist will set forth
2- Instead of just talking the talk, I will call on God when times are hard because he is the strength that will get me through
3- No more secrets with my wife! she is my best friend and I can never give her that much pain and hurt again
4- I will ask a pastor to be an accountability partner. My spiritual walk will grow.

So that’s it…its all on the line now. no more hiding. I know it seemed like a good run, but this is the end!