Letter to myself:

Hey man, I know that masturbation is something that you are not proud of, but that is exactly what is keeping you held into it: pride. Being afraid to let people know because of how you think they will perceive you after is shame, which is because you are proud of your image. Hopefully, after this 30 day challenge, you have been able to go without masturbation. If you have, awesome, great job! If not, well, ask for God’s forgiveness, and give it another go. Either way, whether you were successful or unsuccessful, the next step is to admit it to somebody. I know that you have been struggling with that your whole life, but think about how easy it was when you spoke up. You are taking a study every Monday night about being in a community. That is what communities are; a group of people you can turn to. Sure, it may hurt to admit it, but how the other person reacts shows their love for you. Stay strong, but do not try to do it alone. You need help, otherwise you would not be having this issue.
Love you man!

Letter from my sex addict:

Some days it is just so easy to not masturbate, and other days it seems impossible. On the days that I go without, I feel great. Strong, and unstoppable. On the days that I do masturbate, I feel so discouraged and weak, like I am so unworthy of everything. The shame and guilt just pour over me, and it hurts. I feel so disconnected from God, and just so terrible. But, I can’t bring myself to feel better, because I know, as I am acting, that I should not be doing it. That is the hardest part. Consciously recognizing that I should not be doing it, yet doing it anyway. I ask for forgiveness, but I always feel so hollow and ashamed.