Letter to myself:

Hello again. Yeah I remember you. How you made me feel. You said you were the only one who loved me. You never said no when I wanted you and you were always there. For over a decade now you’ve ensnared me with your lies about how great you’d be if I’d just look at you one more time, BUT NO MORE! I will not longer give in to your ways. Yes I have said so many times in the past (and you know it), but this is different. How you may ask? Well for starters I have more Godly warriors on my side. They will pray for me daily and without ceasing. Also I will continue to keep my mind towards God and less on the things of this world (video games, tv, etc.) by reading my Bible and praying. In case you didn’t get what I just told, YOU’RE DONE! No more will you have traction in my life, bringing me and my self-esteem down along with slowly diminishing my relationships with friends. I will trust in God to deliver me from your wicked hand. Good bye forever!

No longer your slave,

Letter from my sex addict:

Oh you think you’re done? Boy you have no idea what I have in store for you. You’ve tried quitting me before and how does it turn out every time? You end up back at square one running to me again. Know this, if you choose to leave me, I will stop at nothing to get you back. I will haunt your dreams, making you see obscene things you’ve never even known. I’ll flood your mind daily with graphic pictures and fantasies only Satan himself would glorify making you go insane until you come crawling back to me. To make things things clear, I WILL END YOU!! You leave me and your life is finished!

Your old pal,