Letter to myself:

You’ve been dealing with the temptation of looking at porn since you were old enough to discover what it is. Your dad sat you down and had the “talk” with you but it didn’t seem to help much because as soon as you could find a way around the parental supervision you snuck in your peeks and you liked it. Now at 28 with all the things in your life going so right you can’t help but feel like you deserve to look up beautiful naked women online. Let’s face it you don’t drink or do drugs so how bad of a person can you really be? You probably blame your ex girlfriends for it mostly. If they hadn’t broken your heart maybe you’d be happily married by now with a couple of kids. You’re gonna try and find every excuse in the book to keep the blame off yourself. The fact is that you are to blame because instead of admitting your issues and talking to someone about it you want to keep it hidden and bottled up so you can try to beat it behind closed doors. Your relationship with God waivers because of your stubborn behavior. You push him off like a tool that you’ll only bring out when needed. You’ve cried out to him maybe a handful of times because times were tough and you wanted him to fix them all. But you werent willing to give up your addiction because it just felt too good for you. If you don’t find a way to conquer and face the truth then it will destroy you.

Letter from my sex addict:

I can’t stop. No I won’t stop. It’s not my fault that some of my family introduced it to me at and early age. I thought it was normal for every boy between 10 to 12 to discover naked women in magazines or online. Might even be a rite of passage. I didn’t look at porn the whole time I had girlfriends isn’t that saying something about my resolve? I just use it when I have to…..I’m sure a heron addict says the same thing. It’s like a routine for me. God deliver me from this sin. I’ve told myself so many time that I’m gonna quite after this night or this night or then next day or just one more time then I’ll stop. Maybe I really should get help. I wonder if anyone struggles with this as much as I do?