Living With A Sex Addict

Living with a sex addict is far from easy. In fact, living with a sex addict can be one of the toughest things you ever do. Why? Because living with a sex addict often means you’re living constantly on the edge of worry, fear, and frustration.

Whether you’re dealing with a sex addict for a spouse, or for a parent, or for an adult child, or for a sibling, living with a sex addict can really take its toll, not just on them but also on you.

But what can you do about it? We have some ideas.

First of all: if living with a sex addict has put you or someone you love in danger, you have every right to contact the authorities and get out. Immediately. Do not stay with someone who hurts you. You may want them to change, and you may hope for that, but you do not need to put yourself at risk in order for that to happen.

Get help.

If your situation is safe enough that you feel like sticking around, then we suggest you start with understanding. The sex addict in your home likely hates the fact that they’re dealing with this struggle. Rare is the addict who fully embraces their addiction and feels great about it (in fact, we’ve never met any). So they feel like crap, and then they can wind up dealing with those feelings in a few different ways. They might get angry. They might get depressed. They might get so fake that they no longer are believable.

They’re trying to deal with something, just in an extremely wrong way. The good news is, there’s hope for them to learn to deal with their addiction – and the pain, frustration, and disappointment underneath it – the right way.

You are not alone.

You do not have to do this on your own. We invite you to look around our site, where you’ll hopefully find encouragement you can pass on and inspiration for taking care of yourself as well.

Living with a sex addict doesn’t have to define you. Let us help you discover who you really are.

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