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When it comes to sex and sexuality, men and women often find themselves in a losing battle against temptation. Whether it’s overt pornography or simply oversexualized images of women, media can be a man’s worst enemy.

In this straightforward group, Steven Luff helps men understand and embrace the true purpose and role of sex in their lives. Whether single or married, all men must cope with sexual temptation–sometimes on a daily basis. This honest treatment of an uncomfortable issue will free men to experience forgiveness and renewal.

The group is centered around principles that are written about in Steven and Craig’s Book Pure Eyes: A Man’s Guide to Sexual Integrity. Books are available to purchase at the group or you can download a copy online for $10 here. You might also consider going through the X3pure Men’s workshop that is taught by Steven Luff as well. Steven Luff leads the men’s X3LA recovery groups in Los Angeles. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology and is in the process of becoming a licensed therapist. For more information about the X3LA groups email Steven at  [email protected].

There is no cost to attend the group. It is open to all males over the age of 16.

The Group meets twice per week via Zoom on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm and Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm. Please email us for more information.

Not in Los Angeles but want to take part in or lead a group like this? Check out Small Groups Online.

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