This 30-day challenge is fantastic, practical, life-altering stuff. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first several days worth of emails, but this
one is super practical especially for someone like myself that is not
struggling hour by hour or day by day with pornography like I used to a
couple years ago. This kind of realistic and real-world advice and
encouragement is what I need.
Your “I Went Looking for Football Scores and Found This Instead” blog post is also exactly what I’m referring to. It’s so real and is what actually happens. Your advice and encouragement (as well as your entire staff’s contributions) are front line encounters, not some dated help book (though I am fond of “Surfing For God” which broke down walls for me). I’m not sure I can emphasize enough how important connecting with someone else is on the exact trigger or possible stumbling blocks I personally encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Looking forward to the next 24 days of emails.
In Christ,