Hi Craig,

I’m writing from Seville, Spain-Europe. I’m not a English fluent speaker neither writer, so I apologize for mistakes.

To start with, I took notice of you and XXXChurch when I was watching at TV a documentary about
“Jesus Christ in the USA”. First thing I thought was: “What a crazy americans!” I cannot believe it. So I surfed into Internet and found your webpage and you. I downloaded you ebook and started to get your
emails cheering me up to stop watching pornography. I only watched
pornography occasionally (once for month), but I didn’t want to follow
being a slave; I red your ebook and followed your counsel. I thanked to you and your labour with all people who works with you because for more than a year I don’t watch pornography.

Of course before knowing you I feel alone in my struggle. But thanks to your job I realized I wasn’t
alone fighting. That helped me a lot.

To sum up, I just wanted to give
you thanks. You have helped and I’ll always be grateful. I will never
think again than you americans are crazy!