I am so thankful that there is someone who is fighting this.. and trying to help.  My family was torn apart by porn.  It kept progressing and getting worse until my dad ended up having an affair.  It breaks my heart to think that there are soo many families being torn apart by porn every day.  It affected not only my dad, but my whole family.  I have had a lot of problems and things to deal with as a result of it.  I haven’t had a dad around most of my life, and I will be the first to say that every girl needs a father … whether they admit it or not.  I wouldn’t have admitted it years ago.  I am so thankful that God has turned around the effects of porn in my life, and used it to draw me closer to Him.  After looking for someone to replace the need my dad left, I found that ONLY God can do that.  Praise God for what you are doing, Craig.  I hope that as a result, less families will have to go through what mine did.