I just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the good work. I’m an atheist, and gave up porn for non-religious reasons, I don’t want this to affect my appraisal of you. I think that people genuinely believe that it’s some sort of religious cult, and they couldn’t be far from the truth.

After over 12 years of viewing porn I decided to give it up. About a year and a half of trying I finally got past my first thirty days, and the difference is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I have more energy I stay focused and the biggest point of them all I don’t need porn to gain an erection. I decided to try after watching a debate between yourselves and the famous pornstar Ron Jeremy, I thought that I would side with him, I was very wrong. Your points were concise and well presented, also to my surprise there was no reference to religion and why people should give it up for god, but solid reasons that apply to everyone not just those in religion which appealed to me greatly.

I hope you help many others with their pornography troubles