Because of that confession i have two best friends that i can trust with my life and then another group of 4 guys that meet every sunday night to confess to each other our struggles and carry our burdens.  Sometimes it’s not enough in a human mind to think God is watching. But when we installed the thing from xxxchurch that allowed two friends to view everything i went to i kept thinking i cant do this they’ll see it and it has lead to my deliverance and ultimately i believe it will lead to the death of lust in my life.  It’s funny how satan opperates. he hides with us standing beside us in the dark corner saying it’s ok just one last time.  Then he says you can’t tell them they wont accept you they’ll think your a freak, your a bad person.  But thats not how God works. God is truth. God wants us to admit our failures.  He understands that we can’t make it on our own so we need Him and other Christian to keep us accountable and help us live our lives for him. Thanks to xxxchurch i can’t remember the last time i looked at porn or masterbated.  This is deffinately the happiest and most free period of my life. There is nothing standing in the way of my relationship with God.

– Bradley