I know you guys get a lot of hate mail… Now it’s my turn:

I hate that I was stuck in porn from the age of eleven and felt the “the church” wouldn’t accept me because of it. I hate that I was trapped in bondage with no hope, no life, no freedom, no joy, no love and “the church” had nothing to offer.  I hate that when I finally found people who love me enough to not judge me but tell me that I’m not alone, many in “the church” write them hate mail saying that what they’re doing is wrong. I hate that the church of Jesus has gone back to the old covenant thinking that performance can save us, that we have to put on fake smiles and fake lives in front of “fellow brothers and sisters” to keep the machine moving. GOD FORBID WE NOT BE PERFECT!!!!!!!! I hate that I had a fifteen year addiction that crippled me, my relationship with God, and my relationship with my wife.  I hate that there are still people in “the church” who don’t believe that we REALLY ARE just a bunch of sinners that Jesus loves anyway.  I hate that the devil has deceived us into thinking that we can accomplish purity by self-will. I hate that the devil has tricked us into looking at all the rules again and ignoring the beauty of the scriptures that proclaim the love of Christ.  I hate that the devil has reduced the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind, the reconciliation of ALL THINGS to a religious system that feeds guilt, shame, and performance evaluation.  Oh… also, I hate porn.

Thank you for being a voice of love to a world (and a church) that is in such desperate need of Father’s undying, unconditional love.