I took home the X3 watch software and went back home to my wife.  As I got home I kissed and hugged my wife and children like I had not done in a long time.  I sent the kids down stairs to play while I grabbed all the porn I had collected over the years.  I took my wife to the living room and made a very hot fire.  As the fire built, I threw all the movies and magazines I had into this fire.  I held my wifeÂ’s hand and wept thinking of all the pain I had caused her and others over the years.

I have now been porn free for just over 10 weeks and have never felt better about life.  I still struggle from time to time and want to look.  With my accountability partners, wife and GOD I have stayed on track.  I have since found out that my wife was afraid to go to bed with me at night because she hated how I would pester her for sex and never give up.  I also realized that over the 10 years of marriage I had only truly made love to my wife maybe 4 or 5 times.  Porn distorted the great gift God had given me with my wife.

I would like to thank the X3 team for all their help and dedication to this ministry.  With out your ministry I do not think I would have noticed the true problem I had.  But most of all, thanks to my wife for being by my side and loving me as she did.