Hey guys,

“Wow” was the first thing I said when I finished reading your book. I am at
work right now, in this lovely government building in D.C, and I cannot stop
smiling inside. My heart…is racing.

I have been struggling the last few months with inner deamons from my past
in high school. A very inappropriate, sexual relationship with an ex has
left me paralyzed in this state of lustful thoughts and desires. While I
have not acted on any of them since I left high school, I still pray
constantly for deliverance.

Your book really hit me hard. I have always struggled with fasting but have
also known that the Lord has called me to do so. So I am doing it! Next week
I will begin a two week fast.

I pray every single day for strength to work through these issues. I know
that at the end the rewards will be greater than any I have ever received
because God is SO awesome.

Thank you for your book and thank you for showing the world what it means to
truly lay down your life and live for Christ.

Always in Service,
Carmen D. Isaac

“Jump first, fear later”