I was just checking out some of the lovemail, and i decided to drop you a line.  I wanted to thank you so much for the encouragement, the honesty, and the love all of you associated with xxxchurch have given me when i was struggling the most.  I also wanted to thank you for the great resources you provide for shedding light on a subject that breaks so many hearts.  Today a friend of mine (we are apart of Campus Crusade) downloaded and printed off some of the stat sheets and handed them out to some of the 2,000 kids at my community college (UW- Fox Valley).  In the background we had your video podcasts playing with a huge banner saying xxxchurch.com the #1 christian porn site   We also put some thoughts about the what the Bible says about love.  It was so cool to see God speak to so many people and to tell them they are valuable for who they are.  I talked with people who were shocked, understanding, oblivious, appalled, and some who were in the porn industry!  You guys are doing what Jesus has called us to do… be real, be honest, and love because we are loved!  Thank you to all you guys for following His calling on your life and hanging in there when the times are tough!  We are one family, sticking together!