Hello all @ XXX Church. I just wanted to start by applauding all of you
on the work you’re doing. It truly is a vital ministry and it’s great
that you’re leading the work against porn. This issue has been on my
mind a lot lately and I’ve been thinking about how the church can work
against pornography. Standing outside of porn shops w/ anti-porn
propaganda doesn’t seem the way to go and would just get one labeled as
an extreme right-wing fanatic, who are rarely taken seriously. I
believe that there’s a more subtle approach to this work, and yet it
must also be bold. I think you’ve got it figured out by attending porn
conventions and being a positive presence for Christ in the heart of
the beast, so to speak. I also think that your constant presence in
Vegas is a huge step forward. I guess I just wonder if there are
opportunities for getting involved in other areas, such as in the SF
bay area where I’m located? So ya, I guess the point of this message is
simply to make contact w/ a ministry that I believe is essential in
this day and age, and to find out how I can best support all of you
(aside from the obvious…prayer!). Blessings to you all in your

In Christ Alone.

– Erik