In regards to the hate mail I found myself reading. There was a quote of scripture in which was posted by Anon that I wish to confront. Anon say that “do not judge lest ye be judged” which is very true Anon. Just one small problem with that, with your hate mail you have passed your own judgement against the XXXchurch. These people have helped a lot of teens. I use them for my teens who come to my website via myspace for help with porn addictions. I am currently under going a project with my best friend that has been including xxxchurch. You don’t think God is moving through this site. HA! I was addicted to porn at one point in time. when I found this site it help a lot to see there are other people who had the same problem I do. I am now saved, attend church every Sunday, and am helping teens via myspace. So before you pass judgements of your own, find out what is more than skin deep. See what is more than just a descriptive title on the side of an SUV. Know what your talking about.

– Jeff Brownlee