Hello Craig:
I just wanted to contact you to let you know that my friend and I listened to a talk you had made at Rob Bell’s church which he downloaded.  I want you to know that I totally support what you are doing!!  a)  You asked God to give you a mission.  b)  He did . . . in one word, and c)  You followed his call, even though it might not have made sense.   Don’t you think that is how God often works.
I also totally agree that if Jesus were here he would be hanging out at the porn conventions – maybe he would even offer to wear the rabbit suit!  Our church (I am involved in a Convention Baptist Church where I am the music director, located in southern Ontario) is moving toward being more missional, and I completely agree that we need to be looking “out there” rather than waiting for people to come where we are at.
I am not surprised that you have had some nasty responses and emails from Christians.  I think Satan is pretty happy with where the North American church is at right now.  He would not want something like your ministry going on.  I also know that for every negative comment you get, it takes about 40 positive to make up for it.

– Jim Carroll