I’ll count this as one step farther down the road to getting control again.  One more reason to not fail.  I’ve had the X3WatchPro monitor on the PC’s at work and home for a few months now and with only a few stumbles since then I’d say they are a HUGE help to me.  Those few times were minor (porn is never minor, but they weren’t the full on porn-fests of old) by comparison, and just knowing someone could/would see the things I was looking for served to convict me to be honest about it.
I’ve got a band of brothers, there’s 5 of us, that meet every 2 weeks for lunch and accountability.  We’ve all got the X3WatchPro and we’ve set up our accountability partners in a such a way that we all get someone else from the group.  All the reports also go to one member of our group who hasn’t struggled with this – or rather doesn’t fall into this pit – as a second fail safe to make sure that no one can find ways around it.  It’s working really well.
Thank you guys for forcing this ‘dirty little (read: filthy HUGE)’ secret into the light.
Grace and Peace to you,
-Kevin McCleery