Hi Craig and Team,
I watched your video, “Missionary Positions” and watched your debates with
Ron Jeremy. I’m not a church goer, but I must say I am impressed by your
appoach…open minded, accepting of all people, even if not accepting of their
I have seen people profoundly affected by the adult sex industry, how it
can break people’s spirits (whether Chrisitian or not) and affect their personal
lives. Of course, it causes damage to some more than others…as do drugs and
One point that I have not heard you make, is that many women who get into
the porn industry have in their pasts been victims of abuse…and I feel, that
even those women who make a conscious “choice” to go into porn…in fact are not
making a choice…the abuse that they have suffered robs many women of their
sense of self worth and of the choices they make with their own bodies. When
people continue to buy into porn, in my opinion, it only perpetuates that
Thank you again for your good work and your open, approachable attitude. I
must say, I’m not used to seeing Evangelical Christians from this perspective,
and I found it refreshing and encouraging.