I have to thank you guys for doing what you do!  I used to be the kind of
guy who could say that at 46 years of age porn was not an issue for me.  I
was proud that I could count the times that I viewed porn on 2 hands.
Looking back I can see that I was in denial.  A found magazine as a
grade-school kid, a bachelor party in college, a couple of magazines found
on the side of the road, an occasional porn flick at a hotel. I think I
found other more acceptable ways to deal with my sexual issues.

This past year was the toughest year of my life; my mom died, my wife of 27
years divorced me, I had surgery and had to sell the house.  After the
divorce I ended up losing my job as a Pastor because I got drunk at a Church
Arts Conference.  After months of spending time out of work and alone I
began to search the web for porn.  The first time was on my new iphone to
‘see if it really was that easy to get porn’.  It is.  After a few times I
thought, ‘it’s not that bad, I don’t have a problem.’  I went online last
night and this morning.  After reflecting on what I had done and feeling
disappointed and shamed, I remembered that a Pastor friend, who struggles
big-time with porn, had told me about XXX Church about 5 or so years ago.  I
went to your website and downloaded the X3 watch software.  Even more
helpful was your featured video about Constance because I have 3 daughters.