Hello, my name is Matt, im writing from Washington and I have to say without a doubt, I love all you guys at XXXCHURCH. I have been working my way through all your “Dirty Little Secrets” Podcast and videos on Itunes. Watching them over and over again at work, home, in the car has been the highlight of my day. I just like every guy, stubbed into porn and with the help of your videos, interviews, sermons I have finally got help. Hearing from the former porn stars, how they were treated and used made me angry at the industry. Along with that the interviews with authors and pastors about how it can hurt your relationships really gave me that final push to stop. I have a girl friend, (unlike brandon *haha*) and I love her with all my heart. I’d do anything for her and to stop harmful things from coming into our relationship. I have been porn free for abuot a week so far, and to be honest it has been the hardest week ever. When stopping I started to notice more and more things were porn is, that people dont really pay attention to. With alot of prayer and self control, Jesus has been walking me through it all. My Brother is a Pastor here and we both love you guys. You should make a stop up here. I know he would love having you speak to his youth group. Keep up the great work! much love!!
– Matt