Hey! I just wanted to encourage you guys with all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do as you fight to push forward God’s Kingdom one porn convention at a time.  One of the great things I think you are doing is meeting people where they are at.  I have been reading some of the hatemail you guys have posted (Good on you for that too).  What did Jesus do to the Pharisees?  He called them out and made fun of them, showing them how ridiculous their religious hypocrisy really was.) and am quite convinced that the majority of those senders – however well-meaning they may be – have missed entirely Jesus’ method of meeting people on level ground.  Obviously most porn stars, porn producers and addicts are not going to wake up one day and waltz right into a church, just as prostitutes, drunkards and thieves wouldn’t enter a Jewish synagogue in Jesus’ day.  (Probably for the same reason too: judgment from the congregants.)  No, Jesus went to their houses, to their playing field and met them there, right on their home turf.  And that is what you guys are doing, and it is truly admirable.  I sincerely hope to one day join you at one of those porn conventions;  I have had a long battle with porn and my heart is to see others given the hope and healing that Jesus gave me.
And contrary to a lot of the hatemail, your website is sick.  And I mean sick as in awesome 😛  It look good, works well, and is laid out attractively.  And sometimes, in our consumer oriented society, a slickly laid out website is half the battle.  Obviously it’s wrong to conform to the world, but there’s a difference between conforming to their standards and meeting them where they’re at.  And I believe you guys have done the latter.  The catchy phrases and puns are great, you are taking words and phrases (e.g. Dirty Little Secret, Stripchurch, etc) that usually mean something bad and turning them around to mean something good.  You are speaking the language of the culture you are trying to reach; I highly doubt a bunch of scripture references loaded in a shotgun aimed squarely at the sinner’s forehead with a bunch of “thee’s” and “thou’s” would be very effective at all.  (I’m looking at you hatemailers.)  And keep it going with the provocative messaging!  I mean Jesus told his contemporaries to eat his flesh and drink his blood more than once!  If that’s not provocative I don’t know what is.  I am a proud owner of a Jesus Loves Porn Stars t-shirt and I love the conversations it has gotten me into.  People aren’t offended, they are often just curious, and then I get to share Jesus with them.  And if they are offended, they’re almost always Christians haha.  How ironic is that?  Anyway, I am stoked for what you guys are doing and intend to keep you in my prayers.  May God continue to thoroughly bless the work you are doing!