Thanks for what your doing.  I picked up Dirty Little Secret a while ago and just now got to checking out your site and wanted to send you some love-mail out of appriciation and understanding.  I see the need and rejoice in your ministry.  I’m an 11th grade Bible teacher as well as a small group leader of junior high guys as well as a guy (enough said) and it’s awesome that you guys have just such a ministry to address such an incredibly hot/silenced (or forbidden)/important/natural topic.  I’m becoming more and more aware of the need to address this in my own church and with my friends just for the benifits to our pursuit of purity if not to possibly seriously help some body.   My wife an I don’t have much money…  but I’d like to support you some time…for now I will indeed keep you in my prayers!  Aspire for authenticty in holiness!  The Church needs you guys and your ministry!  Even your pimped out XXX Church SUV! Does your heart not just break for the hate-mailers?    Indeed God will judge, you guys will get mountains of purity rings for rewards!  I’d like to see that actually!