Hi Craig and everyone else at XXX church.

I just wanted to write and thank you and the rest of the team for everything that you guys do. Obviously, you don’t know me, but you guys have changed my life for the better.

I was, and still am addicted to porn. I didn’t even want or try to do anything about it, seriously, until the end of last year, when I realised how much it actually hurts those around me. I was actually getting ready to go on exchange to Switzerland, and was very hesitant because it meant leaving my accountability partners and all the support structures I have back home (in Australia). For the first month of my travels, I struggled. I’m not great at making new friends so I was lonely for a while and turned to porn to ease that sense of loneliness. 

But when I discovered the X3 Pure program, I knew I had to get involved with that. So I took the plunge and purchased the 30 day program, and this instantly began changing me. It gave me focus, direction, gave me plans to get out of that addiction. It gave me a way out. Along with that, you guys sent me a digital copy of the book “Pure Eyes”. Both these resources have been fantastic in helping me refocus my life. In a time where I could have very easily shut down in my loneliness, and turned to porn, I was able to hang onto the promises God has made to us that you made so clear in both the book and the X3 pure videos and workshops.

I’m still addicted. But because of the things you have provided to me, I now have hope that I can beat this addiction. In fact, the distances between the times when I stumble have been growing and growing, and I am confident that because of the things I have learnt and the promises and love that you have shown God has for me, I know that I will beat it.

God bless you and all the work you have been doing and continue to do. You really do change lives with your work. Thank you.