Hey . . . almost done the book Starving Jesus and just wanted to say thank you to Craig and JR for following the Lord in this. I am an ordained minister, pastoring a church, and though I love people I have grown to despise church . . . I can’t stand it anymore. Thank you for saying what you have said; it has challenged me that I need to do something different, or get out of this all together. I struggle now with what to do . . . I have a vision in my heart, I know what I see the church being. I am married – have a beautiful wife and three young daughters the Lord has blessed me with. . . . We have our physical needs met, but I fear we are dying inside. I need something more than what church is giving me, and I’m the pastor. . . . Thanks again for your willingness to encourage people like me to find more, whatever the costs. I am still not sure what to do  . . . but trust the Lord will lead. Many years ago I was in a Christian Bookstore about 4000km away from where I live right now, and a man I did not know came up to me and shared with me my struggles with church, and told me that the Lord would use me to bring change. That was probably ten years ago, and I have been hanging on to that prophetic word, but I must admit that I have grown tired. . .  So thank you again for your encouragement.
Your brother,