You guys rock.  What a brave ministry… I heard of you when you visited Westwinds Church in Jackson & then ran into you again on Myspace.
I’m 43 years old  and have been in bondage to porn since I was 14 or so.  I had all the normal porn stash… tapes, books, gig’s of stuff hidden on my computer.  Even though I was a dedicated/sold out Christian since a 17 years old – porn still owned me.  I’d masterbate 1-4 times a day and couldn’t break the habit regardless of prayer, fasting, determination.  The best I ever did was maybe a week.  It made me feel terrible and hindered my relationship with God and eventually I just gave up.
Anywhoo… fast forward to 40 years old… wife of 18 years decided to leave for another, broken hearted I turned back to God.  After several months of crying & hurting, I finally decided to give it ALL to God… including things that I held him from like my love life.  I just didn’t trust him quite enough to give that to him.  At the time of this final surrender I didn’t even notice a change, it was just like any other day.
Two weeks later a Christian friend asked me how I was doing against porn…  I was stunned!  Two weeks had passed and I had not given porn a second thought!  How could that happen?  It hadn’t happened in the 27 years prior.  Well, now it’s been 1 1/2 years FREE.  (well let’s say 99.9% free, I’ve had a few bad moments – but rare)
It’s all so cool – me thinks surrender is the way!  It’s not struggle, fight, determination… it’s giving it all to God and He oes the rest!
-Shawn Healey