Indeed I am just a stranger but felt I should throw you a line none-the-less.  I have loved xxx church from afar for many years now.  Appreciating your candor, grace, authenticity and relentless pursuit of leaning into what God has laid on your heart.   As I said, this is all from afar.  Alas, we don’t know each other at all (I’m ruggedly handsome in case you were wondering), but I felt I got a peak into your life and marriage after checking out your vid interviewing Jeanette in the Waffle Palace of Goodness (or whatever it’s called).  

Carla and I have been married 20 years and felt the weight of the journey you guys have been on.  The obstacles, joy, pain and passion of it all.  Ministry, marketplace, kidlets, and somehow trying to find the balance between wanting to kill each other one day and make out the next.  Although I will never understand what you both endure, with the platform you have been given, I can only imagine the courage it requires.  

So this is just to say thanks.  Thanks for enduring the insults, emails & idiots.  Thanks for loving Jesus.  Thanks for engaging the church and the marketplace.  Thanks for being purposeful in your marriage.  Thanks for authenticity. Thanks for kicking ass.   Thanks for stepping into people’s lives who desperately need to experience hope.   

Be encouraged today bro.  Pass it on to Jeanette.  It is worth every minute.