So proud of you for doing this hard work for the Lord.  No one is aware, I believe, of the avalanche coming from the explosion of online porn that occurred at around the same time the economy tanked in 2008.  I seriously worry that we have raised a generation of girls trained to be prostitutes in a country that cannot give them regular jobs that pay their bills the way they like.  Raised on porn is deadly.  Those images planted young can define you sexually forever.  It is a good thing that with God nothing is impossible because this is a snare that Satan uses with so much ease.  

But you know that.  I just wanted to say GOOD JOB.  This is the work that needs to be done and few seem to want to do it or do it well.   At age 15 I watched a woman I worked for who owned racehorses, also a former prostitute, and thought about how the sheer physical damage to a woman from that evil profession would disqualify it as remotely legal or sane.  And this was my opinion before I had even had sex.  Porn and prostitution is a no brainer bad deal into hell on earth but without parents to be the security gate and tell their kids, teach them young and STOP and monitor their behavior, it’s hard to stop that first step.  Again, but you know that.

I was researching churches when I came across the article on you guys on The Blaze.  Lord, please sustain this ministry with Your help, peace, rest, hope and funding in the name of Jesus.  Amen!