Hello Pastor Craig,

Thank you. Though I have never meet you in person Jesus through you has changed my life. Seriously. I was so deep into porn that my wife came home and found out that I masturbated to porn (she never knew). We dated for 7 years and were married for 5 so there was a lot of WONDERFUL history there but when she found out she walked out the door.  I remembered your videos of a man burning his video tapes and it triggered me to make a change. Before she closed the door I screamed “wait!” she turn and saw me with a hammer in my hand smashing my computer into pieces. She said “what are you doing?” I yelled “talking my life back!”

You have been an inspiration to us. I am 36 and you are truly my HERO!!!!!!!!!!  I may never have the chance to meet you but I wanted you to know you have saved my marriage (10 years strong now) you helped me to help others and blessed me in so many ways that it would take way to long to write them all out.

I love you as a brother and I know on this earth or in heaven  me and you will have you wonderful things to talk about. God bless you, your wife and kids. Keep fighting the good fight. Finish this race keep the faith.