Anniversaries are special. Very special. Whether it’s a marriage anniversary, a career anniversary, or an anniversary related to recovery. Anniversaries invite us to remember and give thanks.

Likewise, anniversaries can incredibly painful. They can encapsulate not only the most joyful and miraculous moments but also the really hard ones.

This month, XXXchurch turns 20!

That’s a pretty big birthday for sure. And it’s not only the number that means something but the amount of people that have been helped through the ministry of X3’s content offering. Hundreds of thousands (possibly millions?) of people have been impacted in some way.

As I think back throughout the last 13 years of my recovery, I’ve personally benefited in so many ways from X3. From the groups, books, blogs, software, and other men I’ve connected with over the years, XXXchurch has been one of the GREATEST resources for me in my recovery journey.

A couple years into my recovery, I began to feel a strong desire to help other men in the same way I had been helped.

I began looking for ways to do that personally through the use of technology. I created a website, a podcast, and began writing all out of my own home. As my articles expanded in their coverage online, I remember submitting articles to X3 each month on a particular topic.

There were many incredible writers whose content was featured and I had the privilege of being one of those writers for many years leading up to today where I still write monthly for the website. I’m so thankful for that opportunity as it’s allowed me to continually keep the creative juices flowing as it relates to my recovery journey and how I can help other people.

Another opportunity I’ve been so thankful for in thinking about XXXchurch has been the honor of leading groups for the last 8 (almost 9) years!

I remember I started leading my first group in December of 2013 because it was only a couple of months after my son was born! This was truly a very special time for me.

One of the greatest experiences on my recovery journey was being a part of a group. It was quite literally transformational.

Having such rich, transparent, grace-filled community in my life changed everything. So becoming a part of an organization that stood for the importance of community was definitely something I wanted to become a part of.

Today, I lead two groups for Small Groups Online, the ministry that partners with XXXchurch.

I’ve been fortunate to work with so many men through leading groups with XXXchurch and Small Groups Online. It’s greatly enhanced my experience and ability to help other men and understand many different personality types and backgrounds in recovery.

Beyond writing and leading groups, I’ve always been impressed with XXXchurch’s heart for not only educating but offering hope and resources to men, women, pastors, and almost any age and demographic who struggle with compulsive behavior.

I pray that XXXchurch sees another 20 years of growth and expansion in the world. So many have been helped and are continuing to be helped today. I’m so grateful to have been a part of all the growth that’s taken place.

Happy 20th Anniversary XXXchurch!!!