As we get to the end of the 2013, it’s a good idea to pause and think a bit about your recovery. How are you doing? What kind of progress has been made this year? What has fallen by the wayside? And most importantly, what do you need to commit to for 2014?

Here are some questions to help you with your own Year in Review:

What did you do in 2013 that you had never done before in recovery?
What recovery milestones did you hit in 2013?
What secrets did you share in 2013 that had never been shared before?
What big lessons did you learn in 2013 about sexual addiction recovery?

(Note: These questions are not designed to discourage or shame you, but to help you take at honest look at the parts of your recovery that are hardest and need the most help.)
What setbacks did you have in 2013 in your recovery?
What blew up in 2013? What consequences arose?
What new struggles did you have in 2013?
What recovery commitments or goals did you make in 2013 that you weren’t able to keep?

What are you doing now in your recovery that needs to continue in 2014?
What new steps can you take in 2014 to better your recovery?
What can you do in 2014 to build your support team (friends, accountability, counselors, etc.)?
(If married) What are some ways you can help your spouse in 2014 that are recovery related?

Congratulations for still being engaged in your recovery! We at have many great resources to help you have a strong 2014.

X3groups – An accountability and support group for guys who struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors. 8 questions, 1 hour, 1 time a week with a veteran leader. A huge help to recovery!

X3watch – Accountability software for your computers and mobile devices. Essential for anyone in recovery!

X3pure – 30 day purity workshops by experts in the field. Huge bang for the buck!

Happy new year from all of us at XXXchurch!