By now, we have all heard the word “accountability,” but what exactly is it? I don’t want to assume that anyone knows what true accountability is.

After all, as it relates to pornography and sex addiction, there are many “accountability apps” out there that spy on your internet history. 

Still, none of them that I know of offer authentic relationships as part of their service.

We created the Live Free community app with relationships in mind because we know that babysitting doesn’t work for adults– and when an adult feels monitored without any investment from another human, all the more reason for them to recoil further into shame and isolation. 

The Live Free app provides a private and safe community for men struggling with lust and porn, where they can find support, accountability, practical teaching, and, most importantly, hope.

Our community app brings men together and gives them a place to meet, encourage, challenge, and learn from each other. And we don’t just let it run itself; our team is active within the app seven days a week. 

 So, accountability is:

  • Showing up
  • Discussing challenges and successes
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Sharing goals
  • Checking in with each other 

While there is a nominal fee of less than $5 to join the community app, the truth is, it costs us $30k per year for this mobile app and its upkeep. Yes, you read that right, thirty-thousand dollars.

We are halfway through our year-end fundraising campaign with a goal of $50,000, which will assist us in our operating costs for 2022. If you haven’t already donated during this campaign, consider it now. 

And as a thank-you for any donation(s) totaling $100 or more to our year-end fundraiser, I will be sending you a copy of my new book: When Shame Gets Real – A new way to talk about sex, porn and masturbation, due out in February!

That means if you have already donated $100 to this campaign, you’ll get one too!  

Please help us continue to be a resource for men, women, and their families. A place people can turn to in their pursuit of accountability and authentic relationships.

Donate today!