Many people have jobs that require them to travel a lot. This can be very difficult for someone who struggles with pornography and sexual sin.

  • No accountability
  • Anonymity
  • Lack of relationships
  • Lots of time alone

The point of today is: think about your travel time and develop a strong purity strategy for when you’re on the road.


  1. Get an accountability buddy – You gotta have someone you’re honest and open with. You gotta have someone to share your struggles with.
  2. Talk to your wife, a lot – Fill your time with the right thing. Keep your wife fresh on your mind. Keep working on your connectedness.
  3. Have your TV removed from your room – Tons of hotels will do this. You might have to be insistent, but they’ll do it. Many men in my support group do this every time they travel.
  4. Join a phone support group –
    Pure Life Ministries
    Blazing Grace Ministries
             Dr. Doug Weiss
  5. XXX Church Groups –
  6. Find a SA or SAA group in the town you’re going to – Go to or to find groups meeting in the city you will be traveling to.
  7. Make time for some counseling – Find a local counselor or one in a city your traveling to visit regularly.
  8. Spend time in public places – Only going to the hotel room when you’re sleepy can be a big help. Make sure to go to public places that are not triggery for you (bars, clubs). The hotel lobby is a good public place that might be good for you.
  9. Find healthy outlets for your stress relief – Go to the hotel gym. Go for a walk. Do some writing. Go to the arcade. Anything positive and wholesome that will help you.
  10. Don’t carry cash – Some of you get into trouble when you have cash. You are less accountable when you are using cash. You might want to coordinate this with an accountability partner.
  11. Don’t travel alone when you can help it – If you can work this out, it’s great.
  12. Get a different job – Be really honest with yourself. Your purity is not worth it. Your marriage is not worth it. If you need to get a new job – MAN UP and do the courageous thing!

These tips are especially helpful for business travelers, but we all take vacations. They can be vulnerable times. We are out of our normal routine. We are disengaged from life. We want to relax. And sometimes we resort back to old habits and old ways of reaction.

I’ve found that even when my family is around, I have to be on guard when I travel and stay accountable to another buddy. There are many, many opportunities to slip in my sexual purity journey.

101 Homework – Start thinking about your travel purity strategy. Get it written down. Work on the basics and share it with a buddy.

Beyond – Start asking some hard questions about you and your travel. Is this the type of job that is helpful to your purity journey. Are you doing constructive, things with this time away? Ask God how He can use this travel time to glorify Him, and use your creativity for Him instead of sucking it up for yourself.

Jeff Fisher is a regular blogger for XXXChurch,, and his own blog on [email protected]  @porntopurity on Twitter