back-to-school-be-aware-exhautionSeptember is upon us! Your kids are back to school, which means they’re diving headfirst into all the activities that come along with the territory: sports, clubs, etc. As a father, you’re already finding yourself exhausted from running around like a madman – helping homework get done, shoving dinner down their throats, running Johnny to football practice, dropping Rachel off at dance class, picking him up, picking her up, etc. . . Life as a parent can get exhausting during the back to school time of year.

As men, exhaustion is a dangerous state. I’ve found I most often let my guard down when I’m mentally and physically worn out, which leaves me feeling worn-out emotionally and spiritually as well.

And when a man is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted, bad things can happen.

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I recently spoke with a man who told me he had been so tired from tending to his kids’ needs that he had completely dismissed his wife’s needs. While his mistakes were 100% unintentional, the result was the same: his wife didn’t feel loved, and it had been three months since he and his wife had been physically intimate together.

You know what happens next. Feeling beat-up, rejected, and tired – he turned to internet pornography to find comfort. Due to the pressures of raising kids, he let his guard down, and is now fighting once more to save his marriage and family.

As men, we must take on the responsibilities that come with leading our marriages, homes, and families. While leading is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a man, it can also be one of the most dangerous.


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And when you get tired, your natural instinct is to let your guard down?

Most men like to get comfortable, so we stop doing the things we know we need to do and wind up doing the easy thing: looking at porn. If you’re leading and find yourself getting tired because of the demands of this season, then I encourage you do a few things:

– Identify the negative things that happen when you let your guard down. Do you have addictions you rely on? Do you isolate yourself?

– Seek accountability in your life. Find a man you trust and tell him how you need to be held accountable. Tell him how he can help you. 

– If you’re married, consider sharing your struggles and concerns with your wife. Make a commitment together to support and encourage one another through the demands of raising children.

– Clean your plate of commitments. Do your kids really need to play four sports at the age of 7? Do they really need to be on a club team that travels to three different states for tournaments? Shovel a few things off the plate to create more memories with your family in your home.

– Create one-on-one time with your wife. Leave the kids with the grandparents and get away for a weekend with the one you love. Raising kids is demanding. Be sure to take a break every now and then.

Leading your family is noble, however, it is extremely difficult. If you want to lead effectively, then be aware of exhaustion. Exhaustion in a man’s life has the potential to flush years of nobility and hard work down the drain in a split second. Your family is relying on you to leave a legacy. Don’t let the dangers of leading ruin that.