“Accountability” is one of those terms we might hear fairly often but still struggle at times to give it a solid definition. 

What is true accountability with another person?  What does living life with others in this way actually entail?  How does it look

Anyone who has struggled with an addiction knows that a huge part of the struggle lies simply in secrecy.  Secrecy is where addiction grows, thrives, and expands, and that is a big part of why living with accountability is so critical. 

The book Open describes it like this: 

“When you keep secrets…they eventually will eat at you until there’s nothing left.  By letting other people into your life and sharing those secrets with them, you get the horrible weight off your shoulders and out into the open, where you can start to find healing.” 

This is the foundation of accountability.  It’s not about guilt, shame, legalism, or “Big Brother” – it’s about finding others to support and encourage you into a life of freedom and peace of mind. 

The book parallels a life of secrecy with Shakespeare’s famous work, Macbeth, and the tragic end that befalls Lady Macbeth, whose secrets had completely robbed her of that peace of mind we all seek. 

As you’re reading this, perhaps you can relate.  When is the last time you were able to rest your head on your pillow at night with a completely clean conscience – or the last time you were able to go through an entire day without worrying about someone uncovering something about you that you didn’t want them to know? 

There simply is no substitute for that kind of peace. Speaking of living a life of secret guilt, the book goes on to say:  

“This is no way to live.  And when you get accountable, you don’t have to.  There is no liberation quite like the feeling of being able to focus fully on the world around you, without the constant, nagging distraction of making sure you’ve covered your tracks…If you’re living a life free of secrets, you’ll never have to worry about being exposed.  And that is a wonderful feeling.” 

If you’ve read a number of posts on this site, I’m sure you’ve seen the topic of accountability come up often – and with good reason.  It really is that important. 

Have you been searching for some peace of mind lately?  Getting open is a great way to start.  Check out the book – and get accountable.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.

The time has come for each of us to become accountable. To experience the freedom, peace of mind, and overwhelming self-confidence that come from living a life free of secrets and lies. In every area of our lives, it’s time to go beyond self-help . . . it’s time to get accountable. It’s time to live Open..