Ups and downs are a part of life. There are times in life when we feel great and there are times we feel down. Some of the most down times in my life come when I look at porn. It feels great when doing it. You are not judged, you look at what you want and it’s all about your desire. The after effect is what gets you down. You feel a since of guilt, letting people down and looking to only please yourself.

You don’t think about how others how are effected from your actions. Most of the time, unless you are caught, this is a behind the scenes problem and nobody sees it. A smart man once told me it’s not the person who you are in front of other people that is the problem, it’s the person you are when nobody else is around, that makes up your true character. Imagine if you were open? You don’t have a secret life and you are the same person in front of people and when you are alone. There is freedom in being open.

Being Open is being honest with yourself and can lift up your spirits. When you live this second life, you are constantly worried about being caught. You love to be free and can be refreshed. There is a reason that lying is a sin, it keeps you from the truth that God gives. Being Open always the weight of the world and your sin to be off of your shoulders. What happens without being open can be a big problem.

I had a friend that was in church leadership a while ago who came to a meeting distraught over a friends failing. He had a great friend that they went back and forward encouraging one another. He was a standup guy before his life fell apart. His friend was a part of a raid and they found thousands of pictures of child pornography on his computer. He is going to jail for a long time. My friend mentioned, this is a great guy, how could he do this? He wasn’t open, his double life caught up with him and led to a period of his life being taken. Being Open and accountable can prevent the bad stuff from happening.

Being open can protect us from a bad direction our life can go. We can take joy, peace, and have love in our lives. Our worries can go away when we have good accountability. With the worries gone and we can enjoy the beautiful life that God has given to us. I am glad for the accountability in my life and am excited for those who have true people to keep them accountable. Being Open is refreshing.

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