If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you know that this weeks blog was suppose to be called “Mike Vick”. Things changed. I wrote the blog read it, re-read it and thought that I would go in a little different direction. Lets re-direct. Strip clubs. I don’t care who you are you can name and give the location of at least one. I have been to a few in my lifetime. As I went to these places I never realized what goes on behind the scenes. To be honest at the time I didn’t care. I just assumed that all strippers were all sex crazed and they loved getting naked in front of strangers. I thought it was their “thing”.  Was I ever wrong. When I got involved with XXX Church my eyes were opened to a whole new world. A world that no one should have to endure. Many of these women are in controlling and violent relationships. They are physically and sexually assaulted on a regular basis. Drugs and alcohol are used to help cope with the physical and emotional pain. Many of them are single moms who are willing to suffer through this so they can take care of their kids. I recently saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that had a silhouette of a woman pole dancing and the caption said ” I Support Single Moms”.  If a man is interested enough to be involved with a woman sexually then he should be man enough to take care of any children that may come along. I remember reading a story of a former stripper who was “sweet talked” into working a local club while in college. It wasn’t long after that her grades began to drop and she quit school. She was making a mint. She had a brand new car a great apartment. This girl could buy anything she wanted and only had to work a few nights a week. It wasn’t long before she realized that this life was not all it seemed to be. She had started abusing alcohol which eventually lead to drug use. One of the bouncers told her that he could help her make more money. He eventually became her pimp. Not only was he getting a cut of the business he brought to her but he was taking a cut of her nightly earnings. She was sexually and physically assaulted on a regular basis by her pimp. She became depressed and attempted suicide two different times. On her third attempt at suicide she was successful. In her suicide note she put this “I am ashamed of what I have become. I am no good to anyone. I cannot live with the pain any more.”

There is a new song out called “Black Tears”. The song talks about the life of a stripper. There is a part of the song that goes “She reveals and they all cheer. Then she cries black tears”. Next time you consider going to a strip club think about this blog. Keep fresh in your mind what these women go through. They are great actresses. The drugs and the makeup, and dim lighting can hide a lot of things. But when they hit their bed at night. Its black tears. These are  daughters, grand-daughters, mothers, sisters, and so on . Guys, we need to start respecting women and stop looking at them as sexual objects. They offer so much more. God created man and woman NOT man and a piece of tail!

Steve Oh