I want you to meet a couple of people.

First, Gabe.

I was going to tell you about him but I suppose he can do that for himself…

Check out his story about using My Pilgrimage:



“For many, many years later, [pornography addiction] plagued me. And I couldn’t seem to break free from it…I felt completely inadequate as a husband, a father and a pastor. My Pilgrimage opened me up to a new question: ‘Can I really be free? And if Jesus truly offers freedom, why don’t I have it?’ Now I’m in this place of beauty, pain and freedom all at once, as I confront the things that are going on in my life…what ends up happening is, ‘I’m finding joy there.’

I absolutely love Gabe’s story.

It means real people can discover real freedom through the My Pilgrimage experience.



Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, you can have freedom you can feel.

Yes, you can end the war within.

Yes, you can be true and honest with yourself, to the depths of your being.

You just have to take that first step on your pilgrimage.

It’s waiting for you but it won’t wait forever.

Register now and get immediate downloads of the Feels Like Redemption book and audiobook.

You can start your pilgrimage.

Join us on the road to true freedom.

Take this opportunity now.

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