In the 80’s there was a anti-drug commercial that said “This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”   I’m going to kick it up a notch. “This is your brain, this is your brain on porn”. Our minds are amazing creations. They are a rolodex of memories and knowledge. The problem is we take better care of our MACs/PCs than we do with “natures computer”. We will download software to keep viruses, pop-ups, intruders and various other potentially fatal hazards off our device. So why do we corrupt our minds with porn?

The qualities of Internet porn affect the brain in unique ways. In addition to constant stimulation, there’s no inherent limit to consumption, unlike eating or drugs. Escalation is always possible because the brain’s natural satiation mechanisms don’t kick in unless one climaxes, which may not be for hours. Even then, users can click to something more shocking to become aroused again. Nor will Internet porn eventually activate the brain’s natural aversion system (“I can’t tolerate another bite/drink/snort!”). Who can’t bear to look at another erotic image? Check out what this guy has to say …..

“Porn binges for 4-6 hours the last couple days. On the plus side, it did become obvious that  transexual porn is unrelated to my sexuality. After watching for 30+ hours over the past 5 days , transexual porn started to become boring! I began searching for other, more disgusting and shocking stuff.”

Porn, and the way it is delivered to our brains, has changed. Internet porn exploits more than just sexual desire. It drives users beyond their natural libido: Users can watch porn in multiple windows, search endlessly, fast-forward to the bits they find hottest, switch to live sex chat, fire up their mirror neurons with video action or cam-2-cam, or escalate to extreme genres. It’s easy to access, available within seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be viewed on phones at any age.

There’s a difference between today’s online porn and that of just a couple decades ago. Now, you can go to a variety of websites and find more free porn than you could watch if you quit your job and dedicated your life to it, all in living color. You can even pick your favorite fetish, whatever you find the most intense, and just watch video after video of it. If the intensity wanes for a few seconds, or you get bored with watching the same bodies for two minutes straight, you can jump to a new set doing new things. It has the potential to be far more destructive to your appreciation for the real thing than ever before.

Porn ultimately distorts our views of women, relationships, sex and a healthy lifestyle. The proof is in what the trends are. One of the top pornographic searches is for cuckold which mainly consists of a tattooed biker on a ratty sofa or a well-built, well-endowed black man having sex with a white woman while the woman’s husband watches. But why would a straight man get turned on by watching a masculine man have sex with his wife? What makes a man’s sexual desire overcome his sexual jealousy? Numbness! Porn as silently told his brain that loving and  intimate sex with his wife is no longer enough. I t has slowly rewired what turns him on. When that gets old he will be rewired again to something a little more risky and potentially illegal.

I have seen porn destroy many men. It has taken them from Playboy to prison all in the matter of a few years. Why? Because porn numbed them to the point of loosing all ability to make rational decisions when it comes to sex.  Don’t allow porn to take you places you never thought you would go. Help is just a few clicks away.