Once I choose to come clean with my wife and others about my life long struggle with pornography I had to look at ways to help over come this addiction. Accountability was my first action and a smart move to make it number one right after I confessed what I was going through. The next decision for me was what tools would I use to figure out why I did what I did and how to retrain my brain and heart. I was guided in this process by several friends and family members and told that I might want to seek out counseling to help with what I was going through as well as my wife; Darcy.

I have to admit I was a little intimidate at first by the idea of sharing my thoughts with someone I did not know and what I had done. After spending time with this person and applying the things suggested to me I was more than positive that it was one of the best tools I had in this fight against pornography.

My question for all of you who are visiting here is what do you think is the best choice in counselors; Christian or secular? Everyone has an opinion and we would love to hear what you are thinking on this subject. Please make a comment below and lets talk about this topic together.